Thank you for your interest in sponsoring this blog with your advertising.  Here are some details you might like to know before contacting me:

  • I’m not interested in making a quick buck and as a result, I screen potential advertisers carefully before starting negotiations.
  • This blog is about martial arts, self defense, training, conditioning and related topics. Products and services that are related to these fields are something I’ll consider. Anything else (gambling, on-line universities, get-rich-quick schemes, etc.) is out of the question for now. If I ever change my mind or add categories to this list, I’ll write it here.
  • I’ll consider text links, banner ads and html code. No javascript.
  • You provide the images for the banners and all HTML code. I’m not a programmer or Photoshop expert so this is probably the best way to go…
  • I only work with monthly or 3-month periods right now. Again, if this changes, you’ll read it here first.
  • Rates depend on the specific ad you want me to put up, placing, time period, etc. Contact me with the details of what you have in mind and we can talk. If it doesn’t work out, no worries and no hard feelings.
  • Contact me here with what you have in mind or if you have any additional questions.


Thank you for your time.

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