Online Training

I’ve been teaching martial arts, self-defense and related topics for almost 30 years now. Thanks to the success of this blog, I often get asked when I will come to a specific city or State. My answer is always that I’m willing to travel if somebody is willing to host a seminar. But not everybody can get the logistics of that sorted out, nor should they have to. That is why I offer online training.

I use the Patreon platform to handle the technological part and provide unique content there, using a tiered approach. That means there is a lot of information, available at price points that are accessible to everybody. But it isn’t a one-way street; I interact with students, answer questions, give feedback, etc. Here’s what you get instant access to when joining up:

  • A video library totaling over 41 hours of exclusive content. Each month, about 75min. of video content is added.
  • A monthly newsletter with articles, training tips, reviews and much more.
  • A monthly 15-20 minute instructional video (martial arts or self-defense related.)
  • Quick Q&A videos answering your questions.
  • Video analysis of actual street fights and violent incidents.
  • A monthly, in-depth Q&A video of 30 min.
  • A private Facebook group with monthly Livestream videos.
  • A discount on my new books and videos when they are published.
  • Early access to my blog posts and videos.
  • Access to my activity stream where I post updates, pictures, links to articles, and more.
  • Free electronic version of my new books.
  • Free paper version of my new books.
  • A monthly, one-hour, private video conference call.
  • Surprise bonuses…

In short, there is a huge library of information waiting for you and lots more added to it every month.

For a full overview per membership level, go here.


The best part: you can upgrade or downgrade your membership plan at any time. You can also stop whenever you want; no yearly contracts, no-nonsense. You can also join back up whenever you want.

I believe that is both a fair way of setting things up while delivering the maximum amount of content at affordable prices.

If you want to improve your martial arts skills and self-defense training, come on over and give it a try.


Become a Patron and get access to unique content: my newsletter, instructional videos, violence analysis and much more!