POWER CONTROL: Increase the Power and Effectiveness of Striking Techniques

I’m glad to announce that my new instructional video “POWER CONTROL: Increase the Power and Effectiveness of Striking Techniques” just became available for sale. I’ll give you the details on where to get it and the cool bonus discount first and then talk a bit about the video itself.

So, first things first:

You can get the video exclusively at Paladin Press right here. If you want to see a preview, check out these two clips

But there’s more:

From now on until December 31st 2013 you get a 25% discount on all my titles (except POWER CONTROL). You can see a list of all of them here. Just enter the code WIM25 on check out to receive the discount.

Also, all my videos are available as digital download on the Paladin Press site. Just click on “To download” on the product page for more information.

That’s it for the practical stuff.

Here’s some background on this video. [Read more…]

43% discount on all Paladin Press titles

Just a quick update for those who’ve been waiting to buy some of my books and videos:

My publisher, Paladin Press is celebrating its 43rd anniversary with a big discount. From now until 8/29/13 they are taking 43% off all titles.

It’s been a while since they did such a big discount so if you’ve been looking for a good time to get some reading and viewing material, now’s the time.

Paladin Press discount

Paladin Press 43% Discount. Click the image to go there now!

Just head on over to their website (here’s a page with all my stuff), select the titles you want and use the promo code “PALADIN43” at checkout.

Have fun shopping!