Barry Eisler’s The Detachment

Just a quick head’s up:

Barry Eisler’s new book, “The Detachment” just came out on Kindle. For those who’ve been a fan of the John Rain series for a while, you’ll be glad to hear Rain returns in this book.  If you’ve read the entire series, you know why I like it a lot except for the part that has bike messengers in it, but I digress…

Barry Eisler The Detachment on Kindle

If you haven’t, here’s a short intro:

John Rain is a half-Japanese, half-American assassin specialized in making it look his victims died of natural causes. That means he travels the world, goes  to exotic places, meets interesting people and then kills them.

In the books you get tons of action, trade-craft and as Barry calls it, “steamy sex scenes”. :-) The fight scenes are also fun to read as Barry tries to make his characters as true to life as possible which means they all fight dirty. Gotta love it!

So if you haven’t read any of Barry’s work before, give this one a try on Kindle.


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  1. Awesome, read the entire serie (except Paris is a Bitch).
    Look forward reading this one.

    Too bad your character Demeere/mr Blond wil (probabley) noth be in it.
    Besides the underground fighter in Hard Rain i think Blond was one of the most interesting opponents of Rain.
    A former DAS operative from Belgian who uses Tai Chi, i was like who can make that up.
    And he came verry close taking out Rain… only the bike.. well.. uh you know.

    Anyway look forward to the book

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