Here’s a list of some of the books I wrote.


Can you defend yourself in the street with boxing techniques?

Yes, you can, but there are critical differences between the ring and the pavement arena. For boxing to be an effective self-defense system, you must know which parts transfer directly and which ones you need to adapt. Most of all, you must know how to do that. Written by a self-defense expert with over thirty-five years of experience, this book teaches you exactly that. It covers everything you need to start your training, regardless if you are a beginner or if you already practice the sweet science.

You will learn how to:

  • Avoid going to jail by understanding how legal self-defense is different from sports fighting.
  • Not break you fist when punching without gloves.
  • Adapt boxing’s footwork, punching and defensive techniques to the realities of the street.
  • Get out of the clinch positions attackers most often use.
  • Avoid common mistakes that boxers make when defending themselves.

This first volume in the “Boxing for Self-Defense” series covers the fundamental information you need to efficiently defend yourself. It gives you the necessary knowledge to transform powerful ring-fighting techniques into devastating punches that can fight off aggressors. As the saying goes:

You don’t know punching, until you’ve been hit by a boxer.

Buy this book today so you too can become a hard-hitting pugilist.


You receive free access to an on-line resources page with more information, videos of boxing used in street encounters, gear to use and much more.



Learn how professional fighters use devastating leg kicks to beat their opponents!

The Leg Kick: Your Ultimate Guide to Using The Leg Kick for Mixed Martial Arts

The leg kick is without a doubt one of the most effective weapons a Mixed Martial Arts fighter can have in his arsenal. When used correctly, it cripples an opponent’s strategy, takes away his power and undermines his self-confidence. All this, after landing just a handful of hard kicks!

Unfortunately, the leg kick is also a much misunderstood technique. Too many MMA competitors use it without thinking through how to use it best. As a result, their kicks get blocked and used against them. Don’t let that happen to you!

This book teaches you combat-tested tips, tricks, strategies and tactics to transform your leg kick into a devastating attack. You will learn:

  • Which part of the shin to use for best results.
  • How to use your hips to generate tremendous power.
  • When to use the leg kick and when not to.
  • Why Anderson Silva broke his own shin throwing a leg kick and how you can avoid that.
  • How UFC champions use leg kicks in their fights against top contenders.
  • Much, much more

No matter what your level of experience is right now, the knowledge in this book will improve your skill with the leg kick. With consistent training, you will master the leg kick and strike fear in your opponent’s mind when you attack him with it.

You receive free access to an on-line resources page with more information, videos, gear to use and much more.

MARTIAL ARTS, SELF-DEFENSE AND A WHOLE LOT MORE, VOLUME 1 (THE BEST OF WIM’S BLOG)Martial Arts, Self-Defense and a Whole Lot More, Volume 1

In the first volume of the “Best of Wim’s Blog” I collected the posts that received the most views from my early days of blogging. Then I revised, edited and added to them with the hindsight of a few more years since first writing them. I tried to make them better that way, by expanding on the original posts and clearing up potential misunderstandings.

To make it more interesting for you, I asked a bunch of friends and fellow authors/instructors to join me and they wrote a unique article for this book. This list of people includes:

  • Loren W. Christensen
  • Marc MacYoung
  • Rory Miller
  • Alain Burrese
  • Kris Wilder
  • Mark Mireles

There will be more volumes in this series, each one of them with new, unique content that isn’t on my blog here.


Fighter's Guide to Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training Wim DemeereIn this book, Loren and I try to give you as much information as possible on how to train with the heavy bag in hundreds of ways. Regardless if you practice MMA, traditional arts or purely self-defense systems, this book will give you plenty of ideas to work with.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • How to choose the right bag for your needs.
  • How best to hang it so it doesn’t bring down your ceiling
  • How to care for it so it lasts for years
  • Different types of body damaging impact and how to make the best use of them for specific situations
  • Innovative drills to maximize your fitness level and fighting ability with
  • Creative ways to grapple a heavy bag
  • Avoid the most common mistakes in heavy bag training.

And of course lots and lots more.

This book is also available at a discount if you buy it as a package with the companion video.

TIMING IN THE FIGHTING ARTS: Your Guide to Winning in the Ring and Surviving on the Street

timing in the fighting artsThe second book I wrote with Loren. This one is dear to me because it’s the book I would have wanted to read when I first started training. I still think it’s one of the concepts too many people pay lip service too and then they don’t understand why their techniques don’t work.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Why many experts say timing is more important than speed
  • How to put the OODA loop and Hick’s law to work for you
  • Why timing is both an offensive and defensive asset
  • Which types of verbal distraction can give you the edge
  • Why controlling your opponent’s spine gives you an advantage
  • Which tournament techniques really do work on the street
  • How to set up multiple opponents to create timing opportunities
  • Which tricks law enforcement officers rely on to buy time
  • How you can improve your odds against a gun or knife
  • Why timing is one of the most important things you can add to your training

THE FIGHTER’S BODY: An Owner’s Manual : Your Guide to Diet, Nutrition, Exercise and Excellence in the Martial Arts

This was the first book I wrote. It took a lot of work because of all the research that went into it. But in the end, I think we managed to cover all bases. the goal of this book is to give you the tools and knowledge to have a healthy diet and both safe and effective workouts for the rest of your life.

Here are some to the topics:

  • Why some diets are harmful for martial artists
  • How to calculate your protein needs for training
  • When and how to use supplements
  • How to eat at fast food places and not ruin your diet
  • How to add muscle that improves your fighting techniques
  • Why it’s okay to splurge on “Dirt Day”
  • How to determine how much water you need
  • How to safely make weight for a tournament
  • Why HIIT training is essential to weight loss
  • What to eat on competition days
  • How to create a plan that works and stick to it
  • Proven mental techniques to guide you to success



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