Over the years, many of you have asked me for a way to support my work. On this page, I post several options should you desire to do so.

Patreon: The way I use it, this is in essence a membership site. I offer exclusive content there at several tiers.

Subscribestar: Several people don’t want to use Patreon, but still want to make a monthly donation. Subscribestar is an easy way to do that. Also, if for whatever reason Patreon ends up no longer working, I will continue creating exclusive content on Subscribestar. And upload the content archive there too. :-)

BuyMeaCoffee: This one combines both one-time and monthly donations. You can pick what works best for you. Caveat: despite what the monthly donation option says, there is no exclusive content there.

Paypal: For a quick and easy donation, Paypal works great.

It’s only thanks to your support that I can continue my blog, podcast and the rest of my work. I appreciate it, thank you.

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