Before contacting me, please read these guidelines:

  • No unsolicited guest posts.

  • Despite the previous bullet, people still mail me asking to guest post. The answer is still no. No exceptions.
  • If you just want to say “Hi!” or have a quick question, your best bet is contacting me on my Facebook Page. Just head on over, hit the “Like” button and you’re in!
  • If you are looking for detailed training advice, full training schedules, free copies of my books and videos, etc. I’ll forward you my rates and we can work something out.  If that upsets you, blame all those who came before you and were rude to me after I helped them out for free without even a “Thank you” in reply.
  • Don’t send me silly mail. I won’t respond.
  • In case you missed it before: no unsolicited guest posts. No exceptions.

  • If you still mail me requesting a guest post, I will consider it an act of bad faith with the intent to annoy me and cause me grief. Bottling up negative emotions is bad for your health, so I will assume you are in agreement with my response to it: if the mood strikes me, I will answer your email on social media, freely giving out your name and email address. That way people will know you are naughty and spend your days pestering people online.


I built my first website in 1999 and the email avalanche is getting old. The last few years, I’ve been getting a ton of unsolicited mail from people asking for freebies, hitting me up for paid services I don’t have an interest in, wanting me to feature their guest post that has nothing to do with my blog, and so on.

I’m not interested in those things and if I ever am, I’ll clearly state it here on this page first. So mailing me about that stuff anyway is a waste of your time and mine. The time I waste on that stuff, I can’t spend it working on my blog here. And I’d rather do that instead.

Thank you for your understanding.


To contact me, send me a private message here on my Facebook page.


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