Campfire Tales from Hell, available in paperback

Just a quick update to tell you that “Campfire Tales from Hell” for which I wrote an entry is now available in paperback. You can head on over to Amazon to buy your copy right here if you like and I definitely think you should do so. Not necessarily for my own entry but for some of the others that are absolutely mind blowing. When I got my copy, I literally sat down and didn’t get back up again until I finished the book. Simply because all the stories in there are real. The information you get comes from people who’ve lived through what most others would call their worst nightmare. So I definitely recommend you get this book.

Also, it’s for a good cause (help pay medical bills for somebody with a chronic illness) so you’re building up good karma points at the same time.

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To give you a taste, here are the first paragraphs of my entry for this book:

I met Louis right before a Pentjak Silat class a friend of mine taught. I spotted him straight away and saw he was in essence a human fighting machine. He was tall, muscular and had that tough-as-nails attitude soldiers sometimes get. He exuded that special kind of confidence born of surviving dozens of scrapes, knife fights and worse. But what stood out even more was the vibe he gave off of somebody who just loves to fight.

I later learned that this was true: he was a former Legionnaire with combat experience along with a checkered past as a civilian. This isn’t uncommon for men entering the French Foreign Legion. One of the benefits of joining is that you can get a new name and basically a new life after you leave the service. So the Legion tends to attract people who have no choice left but to start over.  Turns out this was exactly the way it went with Louis.

As we were standing in the bar before class, I kept a low profile and gave him plenty of space. When it got time to change into our training gear, I had to pass him because he was blocking the hallway. I calmly but confidently gestured that I intended to pass and smiled. He looked straight at me with a challenging stare, held that look for a second and then stepped aside.

If you want to find out how this story ends, go buy the book. And like I said, my story is far from the most impressive one in there.

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  1. I appreciate yor site, I am an over-protective husband and father. I have always been the worry wart. You see so much bad going on. Anytime you turn on the news there always seems to be a horror story of an attack or robbery etc. etc. I insist on my wife and daughters all carrying pepper spray and not being affraid to use it on antone they feel is a danger to them. Good work on getting this information out to folks. Thanks again!

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