The Fighter’s Guide To Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training is now republished

As most of you already know, in the beginning of this year I got the rights back to all my Paladin Press titles. A few months ago, I republished the videos here.

I now just republished my book “The Fighter’s Guide To Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training” and you can get the ebook here at $3.99

In the next 24 hours, the price will gradually increase in 1$ increments, until it reaches its final price of $5.99. So if you want to buy the book cheap, don’t wait!

The paper version is available here at $14.99, which is a steal. Compared to the pricing Paladin Press used for years: they charged $30 for both the paper and the ebook. So all in all, I’m convinced that my price points are much more reasonable and fair to you, the reader.

Fighter's Guide to Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training Wim Demeere

  1. If you already have the book, there is no need to buy it again. Though this second edition has a better layout (much cleaner than before), there are only minor changes to the content. I appreciate your support should you buy the book again, but I most of all don’t want you to feel tricked into buying it, thinking it’s a completely rewritten and updated edition.
  2. There is one big difference with the first edition: instead of recommending a few brands at the end of the book, I now have an online resources page to help you out:
    This page has dozens of links to:

    • Different kinds of heavy bags.
    • Types of gloves to use on them.
    • Equipment to hang up the heavy bag.
    • Videos of me training on the heavy bag in different ways.
  3. I will update this page regularly, so you can keep on using it to bring the content of the book to life in your own training.
  4. If you can spare a few minutes, please leave an honest review on Amazon. It helps me out a lot and makes a huge difference. Thank you.

Thank you for supporting my writing throughout the years. It’s heartwarming to see how many people find my stuff worth spending their hard-earned money on. I very much appreciate it.

On a final note:
If all goes well my next book, “Boxing for Self-Defense” comes out in April. If you want to receive the promotional discount when it is released, join my notification list. No spam.

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