Where to strike: center or side of the chin?

In this video, I answer the question of where to strike with your punches: to the center or the side of the chin? I first got this question on my video BOXING for SELF DEFENSE: Boxing champ KNOCKS OUT bully. I answered briefly in the comments but it deserves a more in-depth look.

Here goes:

Where to strike: side or center of the chin?

The short answer, they both work and it depends on a number of factors which is best. In the video, I try to keep it short and only mention type of punch, type of impact and angle of the punch, but there are obviously many more. The video is an introduction to the subject, not the final word. So take what you can from it and see if it helps your training. Disregard the rest.

If you have questions, type them in the comments and I’ll see what I can do to answer them.

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How to use a preemptive strike for self-defense

Last week I asked on my Facebook Page if there were any topics you wanted me to cover on my blog. To put it mildly, I received a ton of great ideas. So in the following weeks I will work on writing those posts, starting with this first one on “How to use a preemptive strike for self-defense.

This is a controversial topic. Over the years, I’ve seen people claiming all sorts of things about preemptive strikes and a lot of it is accurate in some way or another. But that doesn’t make it self-defense. Much of their advice goes along the lines of the old cobra Kai creed of “Strike first, strike hard, no mercy” which is all fine and dandy but this attitude, if used in isolation, eventually gets you sent to prison for assault or worse. For those who don’t remember where that comes from, here’s a reminder:

Using a preemptive strike for self-defense is what I talk about in this article. Not using it in a “fight”. Not using it to sucker punch somebody. Not for anything like that. It’s not about how effectively you can hit somebody first, it’s about doing so while defending yourself.

Let me phrase that a bit differently:

Just because you can make a preemptive strike work, doesn’t mean you know how to use it in self-defense.

For that strike to be self-defense, certain criteria need to be present, which I’ll discuss in a bit. Yes, that strike needs to be effective, but just because you can knock a guy out in one move that doesn’t mean you automatically did so in self-defense. If you don’t regard the legal issue, the justice system might view you as the aggressor. So before you start practicing, look up your national laws, state laws, case law and talk to police officers and lawyers in your area. Don’t just read some blog or forum post and accept that information as fact. Go talk to professionals who handle self-defense cases for a living.  They’ll have more accurate and more up to date information and also tell you how things happen in the real world as opposed to text books.

I’d like to add another caveat:

Just because you are legally allowed to use a preemptive strike , doesn’t mean you are legally justified to do so.

Let’s say you do your due diligence and are happy to find your legal system allows you to strike first in self-defense. Woot! Awesome! You can start kicking some ass, right?

Wrong. [Read more…]