Product Review: Heavy Knee and Elbow Bag

A little while ago, the folks at Martial Art Supplies sent me their Heavy Knee and Elbow Bag to review. So I took it to my Sanshou class and gave it a test run. I’ll write some more about it here below but first, you can watch the video review to see some of the abuse I put it through. :-)


I started by working on it with my biggest student, taking turns holding the pad for each other. That way I had a better idea of how it reacts to impact, how to hold it, place my hands and elbows, check if the handles don’t move too much, stuff like that. If those things work out against a heavyweight, then the bag will do just fine. And it did. We had no trouble doing any of the techniques we practiced on it.

Next up was some heavy striking. Now the bag is primarily meant to be used with knee and elbow strikes but obviously you can practice more than just those two on it. So I punched and kicked it a bit too to see what happened. [Read more…]