Dan Inosanto Demonstration

Check out this Kali demonstration by Dan Inosanto at the Smithsonian. It dates from October of last year and is part of the Filipino American history month.

Mr. Inosanto is 73 there and look at how he moves: clear, precise and powerful. To boot, he is still very fast when he chooses to speed things up a bit.

In contrast, watch this video of him doing a demonstration in 1986:

I don’t know about you but to me, it doesn’t look like he lost much in terms of skill or physical abilities.

So if you feel like skipping class or a work out, think about this: how many workouts or classes did Dan Inosanto miss to move like that at the tender age of 73?

To those of you who have to think about it, I’m off to class in the mean time… Let’s talk again in about 35 years when I’ll be his age. :-)


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