Loren W. Christensen’s novel: Dukkha: The Suffering

A quick update:

Loren W. Christensen has hist first novel out on Amazon. It’s called Dukkha: The Suffering.

I have a copy but haven’t had a chance to finish reading it but as soon as I do, I’ll post a review. For now, some quick info to give you an idea:

The main character is police officer and martial artist Sam Reeves. He ends up shooting someone on the job and has a hard time living with the psychological consequences. When he eventually returns to work, he has to shoot again and kills two more people. Obviously, he’s devastated.

This is where you might think the story would be all about Sam having a hard time living through this ordeal but in fact, his troubles are only just beginning…


You can buy Dukkha: The Suffering as of right now on Amazon. Go get it!



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