Karate for Life Foundation

Last year, I met Iain Abernethy and noticed he was wearing a cool T-shirt. Turned out it was from a non-profit organization that promotes life skills development and fights HIV/AIDS mainly in Uganda but also elsewhere. The way they do it is by teaching martial arts, which is demanding on both the mental and physical level, in combination with other skills.

It all started in 2004 when Eric Parsons went to Uganda with the Peace Corps. He started a karate club there to give the college students something to do they would otherwise not have access too. One thing led to another and the result is a program that simultaneously forms karate instructors and life skills coaches. If you know anything about the problems in Africa, you know such skills are desperately needed.

After moving back home, Eric created the Karate for Life Foundation to help the students in Uganda keep the program going. One of the things he does to raise funds is sell a kick-ass T-shirt, which you can see me wearing here:

Karate for Life Wim demeere


Karate for Life Foundation Wim Demeere

The T-shirts are a great conversation starter and, well, they just look cool.

So don’t delay, head on over to the Karate for Life Foundation website and order yours today!


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