Podcast Episode 003: Interview with Loren W. Christensen

This episode is a one-hour, in-depth interview with Loren W. Christensen. Loren is my sometimes co-author, a former police officer, expert martial artist and best-selling author.

The Skype connection wasn’t great, so there’s a slight crackling sound on the line. Nothing we could do about that, sorry.

Show notes:

1. Introduction and training regimen

2. Training advice to young martial artists.

3. Training advice for martial artists in their 40s and 50s.

4. Which books Loren is writing now and what he has planned.

5. Q&A Sports based striking techniques for self-defense.

6. On traditional arts and vital points.

7. 90% of fights go to the ground?

8. Principles to use against multiple attackers.

9. When is his next novel coming out?

10. Final words.

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