Podcast Episode 005: Interview with Marc MacYoung

This episode features a long interview with Marc MacYoung. Marc is one of the pioneers of realistic self-defense instruction, having written his first books on martial arts, violence and street-survival almost 30 years ago.

Show notes:

1. After-incident skills

2.His latest book, In The Name of Self-Defense

3. Writing Violence

4. Q&A

Marc MacYoung online:

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  1. Listening to this I remember how much I was shifting gears in my head. Wim and I know this stuff and we have the background information to understand simple answers. He’d say something and I’d start answer him then realize “Oh wait, the audience needs to know A, B and C before they’d understand why “It depends” actually is the best and most accurate answer.

    • I think it came out OK for the listeners. The feedback so far has been very positive, so hopefully the information got through correctly.

  2. It was extremely interesting. I was just going to check out the first couple of minutes, but ended up grabbing a cup of coffee and listen through it all. Thank you!

  3. Good interview! I now have the books too. Good stuff :)

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