Podcast Episode 005: Interview with Marc MacYoung

This episode features a long interview with Marc MacYoung. Marc is one of the pioneers of realistic self-defense instruction, having written his first books on martial arts, violence and street-survival almost 30 years ago.

Show notes:

1. After-incident skills

2.His latest book, In The Name of Self-Defense

3. Writing Violence

4. Q&A

Marc MacYoung online:

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Book Review:Street E&E by Marc Animal Mac Young

Book review: Street E&E; Evading, Escaping, and Other Ways to Save Your Ass When Things Get Ugly by Marc “Animal” Mac Young

Marc “Animal” Mac Young is what you could call a “reformed streetfighter”. He grew up in the wilder parts of Los Angeles and was confronted with violence and death early on in his life. He has made numerous books and videos on these topics. His focus has always been on debunking myth’s about martial arts/self-defense and stress the importance of awareness and avoiding conflict. That’s why I chose this book of his to review first.

In the introduction of Street E&E, there is a basic outline on the reality of street violence and some pointers on situations to avoid. This brings you the proper perspective and in the right mindset that are needed for Street E&E.

Marc and I having a beer in Leuven, Belgium

Marc and I having a beer in Leuven, Belgium, a long time ago.

The first two chapters of Street E&E show an important flaw in most self-defense training: Evading and escaping street violence is something few people actually consider in a practical way. They have a vague idea of what to do in an extreme situation, but no specific game plan. They have fighting techniques, but no larger frame to use them within. They say they will run away when attacked in a certain way, but fail to recognize the specific stages and techniques that are involved in this.

Marc also shows the 9 angles of attack and how you handle them with both counter attacking and running away in mind. The concept of the 9 angles is dealt with in more detail as in how to avoid getting hit along these angles. There is some sound advice regarding multiple attackers, starting an escape and couples confronted with violence.

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