Podcast Episode 010: Interview with Terry Trahan

In today’s episode, I interview Terry Trahan, a good friend and an amazing instructor. Terry has “led an interesting life”, to put it midly and he speaks from not only in-depth training when it comes to violence, but also from hard-earned and dearly paid for experience.  He’s one of those people I have a blanket endorsement for: if you have the chance to train with him, do so.

Enjoy the podcast!

Show Notes:

1. Self-defense and legal consequences:

2. First Aid training:

3. Society:

4. Knives:

5. Seminars:

6. Terry Trahan online:

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  1. Hi Mr. Demeere,
    May I ask if there’s any written/script versions of your podcasts/interviews?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi,

      Good question. Short answer: not at the moment.
      Long answer:
      Transcription services for podcasts are still relatively expensive. It would mean an additional expense anywhere between 30$ and 120$ per episode. The show is sponsored by my Patrons and that kind of money would pretty much take up the entire budget. So, for now, it’s not going to happen.
      I considered it when I started the podcast and looked into cheap ways of getting it transcribed. But even the cheapest ones were too expensive and the free alternatives were sub-standard. But it’s something I’d like to offer eventually, providing I have enough Patrons sign up to help carry the expense.

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