Merchandise is now available

It took a while to figure it out, but I finally settled on a logo for the site and merchandise and the shop just opened to the public. You can see it all here.  I did a test run for myself first and then made a limited-offer, custom mug for my Founding Fifty Patrons. It seemed to all go pretty smoothly, so I feel confident Teespring will deliver all goods correctly and in a timely fashion.

Here’s what’s printed on everything, front and back:


Some background if you don’t know already:

  • Randy’s Law is perhaps the single most significant paradigm shift I ever had as a martial artist and self-defense practitioner. So that’s what the “R L” stands for.
  • The Arnis baton and machete symbolize the explanation Randy originally gave about it. The machete bites into the wood of the baton to illustrate the concept in action: blocking baton to baton is not the same as blocking baton to machete. You might use the same technique and there are 99% similarities but that 1% makes all the difference.
  • The two symbols represent the differences and the similarities.

I’m not going to fill the merch store with tons of products. Right now, there are T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and the mug. Apparently, that’s what people like the most. I might add another design later, but don’t know exactly when. I have some ideas, but it takes time to develop them and I’m pretty damn busy already.

Anyway, if this is your kind of thing, head on over to the store and get some stuff. If you do and feel like it, post a picture with your gear or mug on social media and link me to it on Facebook or Instagram. I’ll come on over and say hi or give you a shoutout.

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