Self-defense against a dog

Self-defense against a dog is something a lot of people worry about and rightfully so. I just came across a video that illustrates perfectly how to do it wrong.

Have a look at this first:

Now you can argue that the dog owner should have kept his dog on a leash, he has no control over them, should have done this or that, etc. But that’s all besides the point when you look at the original cause of the problem:

The idiot who throws crap at the dogs/dog owner.

I wrote about this type of behavior in this article, in particular in tip #4: Get over yourself. It’s these kinds of self-righteous acts, oblivious to the potential repercussions, that lead to so many people ending up in a world of hurt. This guy is a prime example.

You want to avoid the need for self-defense against a dog? Don’t throw crap at a dog. It’s that simple.

Or in other words: don’t be an asshole. Leave dogs alone.

That said, there is indeed a need for practical self-defense techniques against a dog so I don’t want to leave you hanging. Check out this e-book my co-author Loren W. Christensen wrote, titled “Self-Defense Against a Dog Attack.” It’s not expensive and covers a lot of useful information on how dogs attack and what you can do to defend yourself against that.

Self-defense Against a Dog

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Loren was trained to handle dogs back in his army days as an MP, so he knows of what he speaks. As a former police officer in Portland, he also had plenty of experience dealing with such attacks. So his book is a great place to get you started on this topic.