Self-defense against a dog

Self-defense against a dog is something a lot of people worry about and rightfully so. I just came across a video that illustrates perfectly how to do it wrong.

Have a look at this first:

Now you can argue that the dog owner should have kept his dog on a leash, he has no control over them, should have done this or that, etc. But that’s all besides the point when you look at the original cause of the problem:

The idiot who throws crap at the dogs/dog owner.

I wrote about this type of behavior in this article, in particular in tip #4: Get over yourself. It’s these kinds of self-righteous acts, oblivious to the potential repercussions, that lead to so many people ending up in a world of hurt. This guy is a prime example.

You want to avoid the need for self-defense against a dog? Don’t throw crap at a dog. It’s that simple.

Or in other words: don’t be an asshole. Leave dogs alone.

That said, there is indeed a need for practical self-defense techniques against a dog so I don’t want to leave you hanging. Check out this e-book my co-author Loren W. Christensen wrote, titled “Self-Defense Against a Dog Attack.” It’s not expensive and covers a lot of useful information on how dogs attack and what you can do to defend yourself against that.

Self-defense Against a Dog

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Loren was trained to handle dogs back in his army days as an MP, so he knows of what he speaks. As a former police officer in Portland, he also had plenty of experience dealing with such attacks. So his book is a great place to get you started on this topic.


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  1. I grew up with dogs everywhere and had a mutt Australian Shepherd that barked and nipped at everything (got run over by cars and logging trucks 7 times before it killed him). I say that as my only explanation for not being afraid of dogs in general, especially just one dog. I got by fine with just a couple basic dog rules.

    That was then. Now, dogs don’t even know how to act like dogs. Nothing in their behavior can be trusted. And with the proliferation of mutant virulent pit bull types walking the streets, I took to carrying one of those open-with-one-hand knives specifically to deal with the possibility of a dog attack. (My plan is to give the dog one arm to chew on while stabbing the shit out it with the other.)

    But, in general, I am still a dog guy and I still have no problem petting almost any dog that gets within reach and seems eager:-) I would have one now if it weren’t for an allergic wife.

    • I think a lot of the problems stem from the owners not knowing the first thing about how to raise a dog. But this is a pet peeve of mine so I guess I’m biased.. :-)

  2. We certainly didn’t; there were no leashes and my dog slept under the porch, ate food scraps and never saw the inside of a vets office. But in a town of 736 in rural Washington State in the 60s and 70s none of that was unusual. And he never actually bit anyone. A cousin down the street once shot him with a .22 in the back for some reason, but it just grazed him; and lots of people complained about the barking but everyone got used to it. There were plenty of other loud dogs, and loud kids.

    Now, I would do it differently. A dog should to have better manners than that and be more “aware” just like we do.

  3. j. a. mullins says

    Many dog’s are little more than fury, four legged mirrors of their owners. People shape their dog, and its behavior, in everything they do everyday. I grew up with Boxer Bulldogs, we raised pets. There was the occasional dog fight when a female went into season, but other than that even our neighbors enjoyed our dogs.

    I know a lot of people who have their dogs trained in various types of obedience methodologies, but in the end its the owner that really decides how their dog acts in the manner that they deal with society. All the dog does is learn by example.

    Oddly, its the same way people raise their children. If you love something and intend to raise is it, maybe you should be more sensitive to your own behavior in the process.

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