Speed Training video by Loren Christensen

Paladin just put a short clip of “Speed Training” by Loren W. Christensen online. It shows a couple combinations to illustrate concepts to speed up everything you do. The video obviously has a lot more material. Here’s the clip:

On a different note: I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks and haven’t been able to work much on the blog. As of next week, I’ll have a bit more time and will finally put the next review on line.


New DVD is out: Pad Man

Paladin Press just released my latest video: “Pad Man: A video Guide to Full Contact Training” and you can find out all about it here. I agreed with Paladin to run another contest with them. Here’s how it goes: When you buy a copy of Pad Man before August 31, 2009, you will automatically be entered in a drawing to win a one-hour telephone consultation. The drawing of the winner will be on September 10th of this year.

Obviously, the telephone consultation needs to cover martial arts, self defense, training and related topics. I won’t be able to teach you much about ironing shirts… :-)

Speaking of contests, I just contacted the winner of the one I ran here for this new release. So to all list members, please check your mail for a message titled “Wim’s Blog Contest: You won!” and get back to me so I can send it to you. :-)


Pad Man, A Video Guide to Full-Contact Partner Training

I just received the cover picture for my new video, “Pad Man, A Video Guide to Full-Contact Partner Training


Don't I look real serious and stuff? :-)

It’s coming out soon and I’ll keep you all informed as the release date comes closer.


Let the deluge begin… And some good news!

I’ll start putting all the old posts online again as of today. This means you might see a bunch you read before so feel free to skip those.  :-) If you’re subscribed to the RSS feed of my blog, you’ll get a lot of posts. I considered shutting down the RSS feed to avoid annoying everybody with it but decided against it for several reasons:

  1. The RSS feed works. If it ain’t broke, don’t break it because you don’t know if you can fix it. Given all the time I just spent setting up my blog again, I don’t need another tech problem.
  2. Few people read entire blogs. You might have missed some of these posts and enjoy reading them. Hey, a guy can only hope that his prose appeals to people, right? :-)
  3. I don’t know when I’ll get it all done. It might take some time to finish this task and in the mean time, I’ll continue writing new content as if nothing happened. If I cut the RSS feed, you won’t see those new posts.

So again, please bear with me as I get the blog to where it was before.

And now for some good news: My new video comes out with Paladin Press on July 1st. The title is: “Pad Man: A Video Guide to Full-Contact Partner Training

Working with the Thai pads

Working with the Thai pads

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