Podcast Episode 17: How to analyze violence on video

No interview this episode due to circumstances, so I made another episode answering a question from one of my Patrons: how to analyze videos of a violent incident. I explain some of the factors I take into account and how you can use the information for your own self-defense needs.

Show notes:

1. What’s new:

2. How to analyze violence on video


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Woman throws baby so she can fight

In this video, you see a woman who throws her baby so she can fight another woman on the bus. If you find that hard to watch, don’t click on the video below. That said, there are a few points worth considering if you do watch it, in particular relating to female violence. First, a short introduction:

  • We don’t see the beginning of the incident, it is well underway when the footage starts.
  • There is a lot of cursing and shouting but we can’t say who instigated the incident. What is clear is that both parties are more than willing to continue engaging the other; there is virtually no de-escalation.
  • As a result, one woman snaps and throws her baby at another passenger to start the fight.

Here’s the video:

Earlier this week I taught a thirty-something woman self-defense and female violence is is one of the topics that came up. Here’s why:

There is the assumption in modern society that violence is strictly a male issue, but nothing could be further from the truth. Women fight and use violence too, but it tends to get less press than when men fight. There are several reasons for that, one of them being that women tend to do less damage when they fight (except when they use weapons.) Regardless, woman-on-woman violence and fighting is real and more prevalent than you might expect. The video shows a few interesting dynamics in this regards, so here are some thoughts: [Read more…]