Podcast Episode 17: How to analyze violence on video

No interview this episode due to circumstances, so I made another episode answering a question from one of my Patrons: how to analyze videos of a violent incident. I explain some of the factors I take into account and how you can use the information for your own self-defense needs.

Show notes:

1. What’s new:

2. How to analyze violence on video


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Podcast Episode 012: Paladin Press videos and a celebration

I’m a bit late with this episode, it should have aired last week but due to circumstances that didn’t work out. I’ll catch up and release the next episode sooner!

Anyway, in this one, I give you some updates and the talk about my new online video platform. I have all my old Paladin Press videos on there and there’s more to come. Also, a segment on my first year on Patreon and a bunch of free stuff I’m giving away for all of you. The episode ends with a Q&A.

Enjoy the podcast!

Show notes:

1. Video Platform:

2. First year on Patreon:

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One year on Patreon, time to celebrate

It’s been one year now since I started my page on Patreon, so I figured it’s time to celebrate.

I started on Patreon in the worst possible way: saying to myself “what do you have to lose, just go for it.” and then jumping in at the end of the month. As a result, I only had a few days to get all my rewards done and failed at that. That created a backlog that has been difficult to catch up to. Work and my health got in the way as well, and I did my best to compensate: making the videos twice the length they would normally be and giving bonus rewards as much as possible.

Still, I wasn’t all that impressed with my own performance (to paraphrase GSP…) so I decided to kick it up a notch for this second year. So… As a reward for my patrons, this month I created every reward twice:

  • The rewards at every tier will come out as usual, available to the Patrons who signed up for that level.
  • I made another batch of rewards at all levels, available to everybody, including non-Patrons.

I think that’s a good deal for everybody:

  • I make a dent in catching up on everything.
  • My Patrons get twice the content.
  • Those of you who are on the fence about joining up get a free look at the kind of content you can expect.

Everybody wins.

Here goes:

First, here’s an Orange Belt reward, a quick instructional video on a specific technique. Sometimes I shoot these on request, other times it’s stuff from my other videos, but in a LOT more detail.


The second Orange Belt reward is a Quick Q&A video. My Patrons at that level can ask questions and I give a quick answer. My goal is always to give the type of information you can use right away. The more in-depth explanations happen at another reward tier.


At Green Belt level, there is more instructional material, but of a different kind. Each month, I break down footage of a violent incident and discuss the lessons we can learn from it. I always find case studies interesting, which is why I wanted to include them on my Patreon page.


Blue Belt level also has a unique reward, a 30min Q&A video. Patrons at that level and up can ask questions and I answer them in a lot more detail than in other videos. My goal with these is to explain the nuances and context of these topics, to help Patrons increase the depth of their knowledge and understanding.

There is a lot more at each reward level, these are only the videos I make. There’s also a Newsletter and you can download the current issue here or read it here below.


There is a bunch more content though.  For all the details and if you want to join up and get access to all the previously published content as well, go here.

To my Patrons, thank you for your continued support. It’s made a world of difference to me and I look forward to all that’s still to come.

Please feel free to share this blog post with others who might find it useful.

My Patreon page and how you can support this blog

Last week, I opened my Patreon page to the public, you can visit it here. If you haven’t heard of it before, here’s a short video that explains what it’s about:

In short:

  • Patreon is continuous crowdfunding, like Kickstarter but with monthly support instead of a one-time donation. You can use PayPal and most major credit cards.
  • There are different tiers at different price levels, each offering specific rewards. When you pick a higher tier, you automatically get all the rewards at the lower tiers as well.
  • You can stop at any time, go to a lower tier or go to a higher tier.

That’s pretty much it. It’s a simple and robust platform that works exactly as advertised.


Why am I using it?

When I started my first site in 1999, I promised wife at the time that I wouldn’t invest money in it, only time. I’ve tried to stick to that promise and worked with advertisers to cover the cost of hosting this blog. I don’t want to be too dependent on too many of them so I kept it limited. The last few years, the number of visitors has risen consistently and it’s come to the point that my current web host isn’t good enough anymore. Then there are the projects like my webcast, that I want to turn into a podcast, but that also needs some investment. To make better videos, I need to invest in equipment, etc. You can read all of the goals on the left side of the page.

I am using Patreon as a membership site, which in essence means two things:

  • I’m creating content specifically for it and you get to see it right away when it’s done, no delays. Some content will be unique to my Patreon page and not get published elsewhere.
  • You’ll have access to me. I’m going to be active in different ways: comments, videos, Q&A sessions and more.

My ultimate goal is to have my Patreon page be something you enjoy, find useful and feel you are getting your money’s worth from.


What now?

In less than a week time and with only a handful of patrons we blew past the first two goals. With their support, I can now:

  • Upgrade my blog to a much better web host. This will improve the speed, up-time and overall user experience for all of you. I’m comparing the plans of a few web hosts right now and am almost ready to pick one. Then the migration process can start. I’ll let you know when it’s done.
  • I can turn my webcast into a podcast as well. It will be available on Youtube as before, but also in audio version here on my blog and on iTunes.

I hadn’t expected to reach those goals any time soon. Everything I read about Patreon told me you need to work hard and be patient as patrons slowly trickle in over the months. It’s humbling to see how my patrons stepped up and signed on right away, even when there wasn’t a lot of content just yet. So here’s a big thank you to Andy, Pieter, Tino, Jose, Jan and Michael. You guys rock! I’m busy creating lots more content every day and I’ll do my best to reward your confidence in me.

If you want to support my blog, there’s two ways you can do so:

  • Sign up and become a patron here. Support can be as little as $1 a month at the lowest tier; every bit helps and I appreciate all of it.
  • Share my Patreon page with people you think might be interested. The more people take a look, the more chances one of them signs up. The more people sign up, the more everybody benefits as it’ll allow me to create more and better content.

As an added bonus, I’m offering a special surprise reward for the first 50 patrons, regardless of which tier you sign up for. So don’t wait too long if you are interested.

And to those of you who spread the word: thank you. I very much appreciate it.