The Daily Oldman and ground grappling in the street

If you haven’t seen this site before, go and checkout The Daily Oldman. There’s a cartoon there almost every day and it more often than not features martial arts. Today’s cartoon had me in stitches as it pretty much captures exactly why ground grappling in the street is not a good self-defense strategy.

Take a look:

Ground grappling in the street self-defense


I’ve written a lot about this in the past (primarily here and here) but this cartoon puts is in one neat visual. Kind of hard to argue with it…

You’ll find a bunch of other really good ones there too. My two favorites are the poodle knee bar and Marc as he’s writing.


Epic High Kick Fail, Part 2

I covered this epic high kick fail a while ago. Apparently, most youngsters still don’t get why you should train before you try moves like that. Case in point:

Dude, could you do that again? I’m not sure what happened there but I think you might have gotten it slightly wrong… }:-)


Epic situational awareness fail

The first lesson of self defense is to have a solid awareness of your surroundings. As you can see, awareness not only keeps you safe but also dry. Talk about an epic fail… :-)


I never really understood people who walk around texting like that. I mean, isn’t it blatantly obvious you’re going to run into things when you focus on the small screen of your cellphone? Or worse, become a prime candidate for muggers, purse snatchers, and their ilk? I’m not sure if this woman would agree with me, but she’ll sure pay more attention now….


High kick fail

After yesterday’s push kick fail, here’s another one:

This idiot starts picking a fight and he can’t wait to just try out his high kick. From the looks of it, he just learned it in karate class. Perhaps he should have practiced some more first…

Props to one of my students for sending me this one.