Epic situational awareness fail

The first lesson of self defense is to have a solid awareness of your surroundings. As you can see, awareness not only keeps you safe but also dry. Talk about an epic fail… :-)


I never really understood people who walk around texting like that. I mean, isn’t it blatantly obvious you’re going to run into things when you focus on the small screen of your cellphone? Or worse, become a prime candidate for muggers, purse snatchers, and their ilk? I’m not sure if this woman would agree with me, but she’ll sure pay more attention now….


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  1. Classic Wim!

    I was going to launch into how dumb distracted people look but after seeing this – I cannot improve on this video!

  2. Yes, I can believe anyone could that obliv

    Ouch, never mind.

    Sent from Josh’s phone.

  3. I can see why texting and driving is a bad mix….

  4. Adam Burroughs says

    Love that! Thanks Wim

  5. Boo ya! This video takes place in my hometown at the Berkshire Mall.

    So proud. So proud.

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