Podcast Episode 16: Listener Questions and Answers

In this episode I’m trying something new: I opened the floor to questions on my Facebook page and I try to give detailed answers.

If you’d like to ask me something for the regular Q&A, feel free to get in touch. All the links to contact me are at the bottom of this text.

On with the show!

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New instructional video: Five Element Arm

Here is a quick update and a product announcement:
My surgery went fine. The doctor reattached the supraspinatus muscle and filed off the acromion to avoid future damage. I now have to keep my arm immobile for four weeks and then I can start rehab. I should be able to resume normal life in about eight weeks and have a full recovery in 6 to 12 months. Thank you to all of you who wished me the best both before and after the surgery.

Because I’m self-employed, this means pretty much zero income during the eight weeks I am not allowed to drive a car. As mentioned in my podcast, I had planned on doing some sort of crowdfunding to span that period. But it turned out I didn’t have enough time to set that up properly. So instead I chose to focus on two new products and offering them for sale:

  • Finishing the “Boxing for self-defense” book as quickly as possible so I can release it. That went reasonably well so far: I finished the photo shoot a few days before my surgery and am now busy finalizing the manuscript. With some luck I can publish it very soon.
  • Republishing my Paladin Press videos as soon as the rights revert to me on January 1, 2018. I’ve now found a platform where I can do just that. It’s called Pivotshare and allows me to offer online streaming and digital downloads. It also offers a monthly membership option that I might explore in the future. But all my original DVDs will be republished there and I will continue adding to that library of instructional material.

With that in mind, I just uploaded an instructional video as a test case, to get used to the platform and figure out how to optimize it for your convenience.

The video is called “Five Element Arm.” I originally made this video for my Patrons, but several people requested a separate purchasing possibility, so I uploaded it to the platform. You can create an account directly from the video here below or go to my main channel page and do so there if you would like to buy it.

What’s this video about? You can watch the preview here above, but here’s a quick explanation:

“Five Element Arm” is a series of self-defense techniques from the Practical Tai Chi Chuan system I teach. It takes a specific scenario into account: what if you can’t use both arms to defend yourself?

  • You might be injured during the fight.
  • You could be carrying something and not have the time to drop it.
  • You might need the other hand to keep track of the person you’re protecting.

Whatever the reason you might find yourself in that scenario, this drill teaches you effective self-defense techniques for such an occasion. This video includes both the solo drill as well as detailed instruction on how to apply each technique. It is just over 30 minutes long and to the best of my knowledge,  it is the only instructional video available on this specific drill.

Given as I am now exactly in the situation for which this drill was created, I can speak from experience that it’s worth investing the training in “disaster” scenarios. I will not have the full function of my right arm for several months and being defenseless during that time is unacceptable. It’s for exactly this reason that I practice this drill and several others. I hope you find it useful as well.

As explained above, all of my instructional videos will eventually be available on the Pivotshare platform so stay tuned for more.


PS: in case you’re wondering, I’m using Dragon Naturally Speaking software to dictate this text. I can very much recommend it to everybody.

Podcast Episode 008: Interview with Dennis Dilday

In an effort to make up for the delay of the last episode, episode 008  is an extra long one. I interview Dennis Dilday, who is both an experienced chiropractor and Tai Chi Chuan practitioner.  We hadn’t talked in a long time, so this is us catching up and talking in detail about the art we practice, self-defense, health, injury prevention, body mechanics and much, much more. Enjoy!

Show notes:

1. Tai Chi Chuan

2. Miscellaneous topics:

3. Dennis Dilday online:

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Free Style Tui Shou – Pushing Hands

Tai Chi Chuan is one of the main arts I practice and Tui Shou (aka Pushing Hands) is a key component of the art. Just like you do in Judo, wrestling or muay Thai, we also work on our grappling though at first glance it looks very different from those arts. There are some key principles when you do these drills and I’ll explain them in a bit but first the video:


Some thoughts on all this:

  • Like I said, I usually don’t attack all that much. I’m pretty much always the heaviest guy around so it would be way too easy for me to use my weight advantage. It’d be easy to overpower my training partners but I don’t learn anything when I do that. So instead, I try to avoid using pure physical strength and place myself in vulnerable or difficult positions. That way, I am forced to work on getting more skilled instead of powering through everything I come across. [Read more…]