A self defense lesson from natural predators, Part Two

In Part one, there was an ambush gone wrong. In this one, it looks more like a streetfight to me.

Check it out:

Look at it from a self defense perspective and there’s a lesson for us from the world of natural predators:

  • The birds only attack from the back, never up front.
  • They wait for the cat to turn to shoot in and zip out of the way right after. Stick and move. :-)
  • Once the black cat moves in, they scatter.
  • But they don’t miss an opportunity to attack again when they feel it’s safe enough to do so.

It reminds me of street fights where two guys are arguing until another one joins the fun with fists swinging. The one left standing then uses every opportunity he gets to get in a free kick or punch.  In those cases, getting away is usually the better option. The white and brown cat should have done that right away… :-)

Cool music from Predator BTW.

Props to Anne for this find.


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