Big kid gets bullied one too many times

Before I go on about how the big kid, Casey Heynes, reacts to getting bullied one too many times, some caveats:

  • I wasn’t there, neither were you; so we don’t have the background, nor the context to this video.  Which means that all we say about this is speculation and interpretation.
  • That means we can only go on what we see in this video and base our conclusions on limited data.
  • Which in turn means we can be totally wrong about those conclusions; you, me and everybody who comments here.
  • So take let’s stick to opinions and not qualify anything we say here as facts. Unless you were there or know the kids involved, opinion is all you can offer.

That said, here’s the video:

A couple of things stand out:

  • The big kid is just standing there. He doesn’t seem all that combative at first.
  • The bully is looking for trouble.  He smacks a solid punch into the big kid’s face for (apparently) no reason.
  • Casey takes the first punch. He blocks the second. He only retaliates when the bully keeps jabbing him in the gut.

If it were my kid, I’d congratulate him for standing up for himself. The bully took his chances and it ended badly for him: from the way he landed and was limping, it looks like a trip to the ER is in order. I have no sympathy for bullies, so tough titty said the kitty.

Had my kid been doing the bullying, he’d get his ass handed to him when he came home. Because I taught him better than that. If he thinks it’s OK to bully people, he’ll get a taste of that by yours truly. Just to show how it feels to be helpless.

Which brings me to another point: Turns out the Casey got suspended for this.

Which his a crying shame if we’re reading the video correctly and he was in fact being bullied continuously as the description on Facebook says.

Modern society seems to have a totally distorted view of violence and what it is for. Back in the day when I was young and big hair was still in fashion, my dad would have kicked my ass for being a bully. And made me go apologize to the kid for doing so, limping in a cast and all. It’s beyond me that the educational system fails to address this and punishes the wrong kid. What more proof than this video do they need that the big kid didn’t start the dance? And then they blame him for finishing it? I guess I’m getting old because the world is making less and less sense to me.


OK, “Rant-mode” off now. :-)

UPDATE: Here’s part two of “Big kid gets bullied one too many times.”

UPDATE: Here’s part three in which Casey Heynes speaks out on video about being bullied..

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  1. The big kid waited far too long to deliver what he finally did. As soon as he was hit one time he should have retaliated like he did. I give the big kid major kudos for not fucking that little bastard up worse than he did. Violence has solved more problems throughout history than any other means. Not violence for violence sake mind you, but exactly what was demonstrated in this video.

    I am in full agreement on bullies. Beat them senseless until they learn not to bully people. If the bully doesn’t learn, then someone will make sure that he never does it again (sooner or later).

  2. When Kushida Sensei’s (my old aikido teacher) son Akira was a kid in high school, he was a scrawny unimpressive speciment. Quiet, foreign and mild mannered by nature, it’s quite easy to understand how he could be underestimated.

    For a while in high school, one of the football players took to picking on him. Akira always took the high road and ignored him… until the football player made the mistake of grabbing him.

    Akira tied him into a knot and explained to him that he really didn’t appreciate the way he behaved.

    The football player; NOBODY, picked on him again.

  3. well I teach my kids to fight back also as they have been continually bullied by other kids in the school and playground. I say this to all you hard ass parents that want to raise your kids to be bullies…. get used to many trips to the ER because the other are kids are getting tired of it and are getting ready to fight back. Control the monsters you have created or they WILL get controlled for you

  4. Further more I will add that whilst my children were being bullied the schools did nothing, however as soon as they retaliated my kids got punished. This is also evident in this case. Rather than remove the cause and prevent this situation, they allow it to continue and then remove the result. Shame on the education department for their feeble attempt at looking like they are handling the bullying problem in schools. Must be headed by the same person that runs the ACCC………look like we are doing something whilst doing crap all

  5. poetic justice, that big kid should take up wrestling (and self-defence) – as regards the school authorities suspending him – shame on you. nevertheless, the big kid might acquire a fearsome reputation, when suspended, while the little punk is hobbling his sorry ass around on crutches. that reputation might be the best deterrant against bullies. my advice – learn some good self-defence and defend yourself like crazy. one or two more strong fights will most likely keep the bullies away. congratulations on finding your balls young man, make sure you keep them. so many people have experienced physical/verbal bullying when younger, which makes it an emotive topic, and most people, if given the chance, would love to go back in time and crush those bullies that harrassed them, i know i would.

  6. Who said pro wrestling ain,t work in a real fight.

    Just kidding, however judging the way he paried those strikes und threw the kid, The big kid probabley had some training in martial arts/combat sports.

  7. From what I saw in the video, it appeared that the big kid displayed patience. He didn’t appear that he wanted to fight back, nor was he looking to fight the bully. That was illustrated by the fact that he didn’t hit back the first few times the bully hit him. I doubt that the bully would’ve left him alone had he walked away.

    Kudos to the big guy.

  8. Cory Pershing says

    So who do we email about this? I’m a little upset that there’s any fault laid on Casey for this. Is there a school email?

  9. This happens in our United States in California and our schools they suspend the bullied bigger student and coddle the smaller one doing the bullying!! My family is living this forcing us to homeschool a disabled middle schooler because they don’t want to do what’s right. Our police force is no help either!!! Thank you…..Julie

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