Big kid gets bullied one too many times, Part Two

Here’s an update on the post I did on the big kid getting bullied. Turns out the video went viral and the news got interested:

First of, kuddos to the bully’s mother for saying her boy did wrong and deserved what he got. As a parent, this is real hard because your children are your blood. It’s hard to see the bad in them. So the mom deserves credit for saying so. She may have been doing her best to raise her children well and as all parents know, it’s not as easy as it may look from the outside. Sometimes, you fail even though you did everything you could.

She says he’s being punished dis-proportionally now because the video is all over the web, that her boy is only a child. I understand that’s how she feels but disagree. Here’s why:

Is this the first time her boy did the bullying? No way to know but my guess is (and it is just a guess), this isn’t his first dance. He’s a little too comfortable holding still his victim for the powerful right hand punch. He also has no trouble faking with and then landing the jabs to the belly.  Sure, this could be his first attempt at bullying but personally, I doubt it. If I’m right and he’s been bullying the big kid for a long time, he most certainly deserves the attention.

Then there’s the expert who says “violence doesn’t solve anything and can get you into more trouble”.

Let’s all have a collective sigh and shake our heads at this shining example of politically correct bullshit.

Yes, that’s what modern society likes to promote: “we’re civilized, we don’t use violence!” Which is fine and dandy until you come across somebody who doesn’t give a fart and pounds you into oblivion. Like the man said: “It’s no use for the sheep to pass peace resolutions if the wolves don’t adhere to them.

Violence is part of human nature. Like it or not, it’s here to stay. The bigger issue is learning when to use it and when not to. Anybody who’s been bullied knows that the harassment doesn’t stop by walking away or telling the teacher. That’s not how it works. The educational system may want it to work like this but it doesn’t. It only stops when the victim makes the bully pay for abusing him. And that means fighting back. Win or lose doesn’t matter. But you have to fight back and make the bully feel some pain so he knows you’re not an easy victim.

Because that’s what bullies look for, easy victims. If they wanted solid opposition, they’d pick kids who fight back, hard. But they never seem to do that and instead focus on the ones who are shy, timid and lack the self confidence to stand up for themselves. So what option have the victims left other than violence?

Does this mean the big kid should have bashed the bully’s brains in with a club? No.That would have been out of proportion.

Should he have put the boots in once the bully was on the floor? No, his body slam was plenty already.

Could he have done something else, something less brutal? Probably, but that’s not how fights work. You don’t always get a choice as to the level of damage you inflict on the other guy. You can try and minimize it but there’s no way to control it 100%.

In my opinion, the big kid did good. He was in a bad spot and got out of it. The bully learned an important lesson.

UPDATE: Here’s part three in which Casey Heynes speaks out on video about being bullied.


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  1. You said it well, Wim. I couldn’t agree with you more. Bullies pick on individuals they know who won’t fight back. That’s how they get power over you.

  2. Cory Pershing says

    I totally agree with this post. You must be allowed to stand up for yourself, otherwise the bully wins.

  3. Adam Burroughs says

    Spot on Wim. No way that this little shit hasn’t been bullying every kid who wouldn’t or couldn’t stand-up to him. This is an example that baby wolves grow up to be adult wolves unless the baby sheepdogs put a stop to it.

  4. I love this video, makes me happy seeing a bully getting beat up. And for those who disagree to fighting back, they have no idea what their talking about and have never been beat up before

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