My podcast is live – Episode 1: What to expect from my podcast?

At long last, my podcast is live…

Thanks to the support of my Patrons, it is now available to everyone. Just some quick info:

  • The first episode explains what you can expect and has a Q&A section. This is what a “regular” episode will be like. I will alternate these with interviews with experts in all kinds of fields, though obviously martial arts and self-defense is the main focus. These will run anywhere between 30 and 60 min, sometimes a bit longer depending on availability.
  • The next three episodes are re-releases of the ones I did on my old webcast. If you haven’t heard those before, this is your chance to do so.
  • I’m going to publish all four episodes right away, one after the other, in separate blog posts. That way you can more easily see the show notes, which is where I put the links to resources or things mentioned in each episode.
  • I just submitted the show to iTunes and Stitcher. I should have confirmation from them in a few days. When I do, I’ll add the “subscribe” feature to the player.
  • If you don’t have an app right now: I use Podcast Addict on my Android phone and apparently this one is best for iPhone. You can use these apps to automatically download the latest episodes and listen to them wherever you want.  The easiest way to add the show is by using the direct RSS feed:
  • If you like the podcast, please share it on your site or social media. That helps me tremendously, thank you.

Enough talk, here’s the first episode:

Show notes:

Thanks for listening!

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