Podcast Episode 62: The aging martial arts instructor

Young folks, old philosophers, and vampires. Seemingly unrelated, but I touch on all of these and much more in this episode on how you can age as a martial arts instructor. How things change and how I’m going about it.


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  1. Interesting podcast. Any advice a 38 year old who is contemplating starting martial arts? I’m not looking to compete and aside from some tae kwon do as a kid have no experience.

    About people complaining about “kids today.” Well, what a lot of what they complain about like a lack of reverence for elders, or humility or work ethic are actually things people learn by growing up. So of course they don’t have those traits. Now, some people learn faster than others and some people never learn. Apparently, this escapes people even Socrates. I don’t think you were really doing that, though.

    • General advice: try out a school/art and see if you like it. If not, move on until you find what is for you. Specific: start with the first two articles here and then see if some others apply too: https://wimsblog.com/guides/ Good luck.

      • Thank you. I will keep that in mind. There’s quite a few schools around where I live. I just wonder which are real and which are “McDojo’s.”

        • Give them a try and don’t check your brain at the door. View them as products: they need to be reliable and make sense for the purpose you buy them. If they don’t, then move on.

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