Freebie and special deal coming tomorrow

Just a quick update:

I have a birthday coming up and to celebrate it, I’d like to give something back to all of you who have supported me and my work for such a long time now, especially the subscribers to my newsletter. Here’s what’s gonna happen:

For the next two days, I’m giving away two fiction stories for free and am heavily discounting one book.

If you already subscribed to my newsletter, you don’t have to do anything. You’ll receive an email with all the details either later today or early tomorrow.

If you have not subscribed yet, do so now by entering your name and email address in the form here below. Don’t forget to click the link in the confirmation email you get afterwards, or you won’t be on the list and will miss out on everything.

That’s it. Now please excuse me as I go off to eat some chocolate cake…

My first steps into fiction with a horror short story

After more than ten years of writing non-fiction, I just published some fiction. It’s a short story titled “Deadly Sin #3” and is part of a series I’m calling “Horrible Endings. You can guess why…

If you like that genre, you can buy the book here.

Click the image to get the book.

Click the image to get the book.


For the long explanation, here’s a video with some background information. Watch out for the spoilers though:


And this is a video with some details about Deadly Sin #3. Again, spoilers!


To clearly answer the question that I’ve been asked repeatedly since this story went live:

Will I stop writing about martial arts and self-defense?

No, not at all.

I have three MA/SD books going right now and plans for many more. I only write fiction when I’m temporarily stuck with those books and when I need to occupy my mind with something totally different. Then I write some fiction and it helps me get back to the non-fiction with a clearer head.

Also, it’ fun. I enjoy it. I had so much fun writing those stories, it should be illegal.

So there it is. No worries, plenty more to come both in fiction as in non-fiction.

The newsletter is live

It took a lot longer than I wanted (life got in the way..), but my newsletter is finally live. If you want to sign up, scroll down this page and fill in the big-ass form with the “SIGN UP NOW!” button. You really can’t miss it… I’ll explain the freebie you get with it, along with what the newsletter is about, in a minute.

First, how to subscribe:

Just fill in your name and email address in the form and click the button.

One important thing: right after signing up, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link you have to click. Otherwise, you won’t get the newsletter.

This confirmation is necessary to avoid abuse by those with bad intentions.

newsletter freebie

Next, what’s the freebie you get?

I show you the two resources I use every day, both in my own training and with my clients.

The first one is something I created and fine-tuned over the last 20 years. The other is the perfect companion to it. Together, they help you make continuous progress in your training, regardless if it’s for martial arts, self-defense, combat sports or even firearms training. It works everywhere.

How’s that for a teaser?


Finally, what’s the newsletter going to be like? [Read more…]

Contest winner: Combat Sanshou Tiger and Snake Video

Just a quick update to let you know who the winner from last month’s contest is:

Congratulations to Tomas Folke on winning the contest!

He just sent me this picture of receiving his prize, my latest instructional video, Combat Sanshou Tiger and Snake.

If you want to enter future contests, stay tuned and watch this space, like my page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. I always announce them all over the place, so you won’t miss it then.

combat sanshou, tiger and snake video

Congrats Tomas!