How to get fast hands for martial arts

I wrote about some of my training a while ago and in the comments section, I received this reply:

Hi Wim!

Thank you for this Post that shows that sometimes Hard work beats natural Talent.

I have almost the same problems with Flexibility and Speed as you in my Martial Arts Training (Taekwondo).

Can I ask you what was or is your specific Training to get your Fast hands? Tubes? Lots of Push ups?

Greetings from Stuttgart Germany
Tino Carta


I think this is an interesting question so instead of writing a quick comment in reply to Tino, I made this “how-to” guide here so all of you can use it. There’s a lot of ground to cover so let’s get started.



What are fast hands?

Well, obviously that means you can move your hands quickly. Which is true enough but there’s more to it in my opinion, especially in the context of martial arts.

These are the goals I had in mind when I started training to get fast hands:

  1. Be able to move my hands with as much speed as possible.
  2. Be able to go from one technique to the next as fast as possible.
  3. Be able to do this with accuracy. 
  4. Be able to do this with power. 

Other people will have a different definition and that’s fine; this is what works for me and I think it covers the most important aspects for martial arts. But you are obviously free to do things differently if you have different needs.

Let’s take a look at each of those points in a bit more detail before I talk about the drills and exercises. [Read more…]