Patreon special offer: full newsletter archive

I had to look it up but it’s been since January that I did an overview of what I’m doing on Patreon. The whole pandemic thing kind of has a way of ruining plans and schedules… Anyway, I’m doing a special promotion over there now:

Everybody who is a Patron already and all new Patrons get the full Newsletter archive on November 8th 2020.

It doesn’t matter at which reward tier you join; all Patrons current and new will receive it. The lowest tier is only $3, so you’re getting a pretty sweet deal IMNSHO.

The offer ends this Sunday, November 8th, so don’t wait and sign up here.

2020 is my 4th year of publishing exclusive content on Patreon. It’s in essence a membership site where I interact with Patrons and create videos, articles, instructional content and podcast episodes specifically for them. The most fun for me is answering their questions because it makes me consider my positions and refine them.

Obviously, the content is about martial arts and self-defense. You can click on the text links below to see all the videos in the main categories:

For a quick visual representation, here are all of them from February to October. Click the image to go to a high-resolution image.

If you want to join us there and get the special offer, head on over and sign up at whatever reward tier works for you. Thanks!

Patreon SPECIAL OFFER and overview

It’s been a while since my last Patreon update, so here’s another one for August through October. I also have a special offer which I think you might enjoy. I’ll explain that first:

Sinterklaas is a tradition here in Belgium, similar to Santa Claus. It’s mostly geared towards children, but that doesn’t stop many adults from adhering to it as well. In short, if you’ve been good during the year, you receive a gift from a saintly figure. If you’ve been bad, you get spanked by his companion.

All my Patrons have been pretty awesome, so I felt like giving them something and I’m extending this offer to everybody who joins us:

All my current Patrons and  all who join before December 7th 6PM CET, will receive a 60+ min. video on stretching and mobility for martial arts and self-defense.

The video covers my personal  full-body stretching routine, geared toward injury prevention and countering the side effects of  intensive martial arts training. I’ll explain some of the basic principles for increasing flexibility and mobility, as well as show a large number of exercises that you rarely learn in martial arts classes. These are the ones I, as a personal trainer, use with my clients every day, so they are all functional and effective.

It doesn’t matter at which level you join, everybody gets the video, as long as you do so before the deadline.

This is a one-time offer. On December 7th, it ends and doesn’t come back.

Another benefit you can get if you’re fast, is this:

There are 10 spots left to become one of the Founding Fifty, which offers special perks for as long as you are a Patron.  Once we hit 50 Patrons, that benefit closes forever.

Sinterklaas, ready to rumble…

My Patreon page is in essence a membership site where I post unique content. There is now over 31 hours of unique video content available and this library grows by about 75 minutes every month.  This excludes the monthly 1-hour Livestream hangout we do in our private Facebook group. Those videos are available to re-watch as soon as we end the livestream. You get full access immediately after joining, so get a cup of coffee and dive in. :-)

Here’s an overview of all the posts from August, September and also October.  Just scroll down the page to see everything.

For a quick visual representation, here are all the videos per category. Click on the text link or the image to see all the videos in each category:


Violence analysis


Instructional videos

Quick Q&A

30min. Q&A

I’m having tons of fun creating all this content and there’s lots more to come. If you want to join us there and support my blog and podcast, head on over here and sign up at whatever reward tier works for you.