D.C. Caribbean Festival Street Brawl

This year’s D.C. Caribbean Festival apparently wasn’t fun enough so a bunch of idiots turned it into a street brawl. And there were plenty of idiots around:

  • Idiots fighting.
  • Idiots staying at the edges of the brawl to get a free kick or punch in whenever they could.
  • Idiots filming the thing on their cellphones.
  • Idiots watching, not having the common sense to leave right away.


To watch these idiots in action, Youtube wants you to verify your age first. Once you do, you can view the clip here:

There are good reasons why I don’t go to certain festivals and other public events. Fights like this are one of them. All it takes is one more idiot, one who pulls a knife and then the “fun” really starts…


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  1. Here’s a link where you don’t have to login http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/81619586/

  2. David Pirie says

    “…idiots…” Agreed, with a caveat. People like to believe we are logical and reasonable beings in full control of our faculties. Although this can be true–usually in those calm and quiet moments when we have the time to think about it–we are also social animals who are “hard wired” to play out social dominance behaviors. This can be subtle, as in a professional office environment, or ridiculously overt, as in the video you posted. The first thing I noticed in the video was the “monkey dancing”. I’ve seen nearly identical behavior in chimpanzees on nature documentaries.

    • I understand what you mean David and agree. The thing is, just because we’re wired a certain way, doesn’t mean we have to give in to it. That’s why these people (not just those fighting, but all the others I mentioned too) are idiots. It’s not an impossible skill to learn to just walk away when trouble starts brewing, regardless if you’re a spectator or participant. It might be difficult for your ego, that’s for sure. But it’s not impossible; I do it all the time and so do millions of others every day. But you have to want to do this or else you might indeed get hijacked by your own brain
      E.g.: A friend of mine lives in the bad part of a big city. It goes down there every day. He’s developed a radar for trouble and uses it. In all the years he’s lived there, he only had to fight once, against a robber who came at him in the dark. Other than that, he always left in time. We call him Spiderman because he seems to feel danger before anybody else. But everybody learned to trust him that when he says it’s time to go, nothing good comes from staying.
      The reason why everybody leaves: you only need to see one cracked open skull with brain matter showing to know you don’t want to be anywhere near a riot or street brawl. The idiots in this clip either haven’t experienced that or don’t care. If the former, give it time; it’ll happen eventually. If the latter, then they’re truly idiots.

  3. this is whats wrong with the kids now days ,fighting instead of studing are just to have a good time at a festival ,then turn it into a brawl.

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