Patreon Overview for May, June and July 2018

I slacked off a bit on these Patreon updates, so here’s another big one for May, June and July.

My Patreon page has become quite the video library: in total, there is almost 25 hours of unique video content available and this library grows by about 75 minutes every month.  This excludes the monthly 1-hour Livestream hangout we do in our private Facebook group. Those videos are available to watch again too as soon as we end the livestream. New Patrons have told me they have a lot of catching up to do, which is the best kind of problem I can create for them: loads and loads of content without, no extra charge. :-)

I’ve also experimented a bit with long-form discussions on specific topics:

Patreon discussions

So there’s a lot happening over on Patreon and some of it was a huge surprise for me: somebody sent me a 4K digital camera as a gift so I could improve the quality of my videos and pictures. That was completely unexpected and I’m looking into how I can make the best use for it, including making 4k instructional videos.

Here’s an overview of all the rewards of the last few months; just scroll down all the posts:

To make it a bit clearer at a glance, here below are the topics covered in the videos. This excludes the bonus videos, which you can find here.

Click on the text link or the image to see all the videos in each category:

Violence analysis

Violence analysis patreon wim demeere


Instructional videos

Patreon instructional videos martial arts self defense


Quick Q&A

Patreon quick Q&A martial arts self defense wim demeere


30min. Q&A

Patreon 30min Q&A martial arts self defense

I’m having tons of fun creating all this content and there’s lots more to come. If you want to join us there and support my blog and podcast, head on over here and sign up at whatever reward tier works for you.

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