Podcast episode 26: Crossover podcast with Iain Abernethy

It was heaps of fun to record this special crossover podcast episode with Karate-expert Iain Abernethy. I had him on my podcast in episode 18 and it was a great interview. Iain suggested the idea of doing something together and I agreed right away. This is the result.

The concept was this: We asked our followers on social media (and me on Patreon too) for questions to ask the other instructor. During the talk, we ask eachother these questions and then discuss them a bit. Iain comes from a mainly Japanese and Okinawan martial arts perspective where mine is mostly from Chinese martial arts. I think there are some interesting comparisons we made about the arts and how to train, along with hearing more from how we each view things.

I very much enjoyed our conversation, I learned a lot and I’m confident you’ll enjoy it as well.

If you’d like us to do this again, let me know in the comments and we’ll set it up.


Show notes:

1. Differences between Japanese and Chinese forms

2. Views on principle-based training

3. What to be wary of when joining a new gym or martial arts school

4. Advice on strength training and lifting weights


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